Keepin’ it real

Like you, we do whatever it takes to deliver. We understand that you have customers to serve, and a bottom line to meet. Our commitment is to provide you with products and processes to make that easy.

Our Customer Service Promise to You:

Quality Product

We source and produce the best quality ingredients, so the drinks you serve will actually taste good.

Custom Solutions

Your business is one-of-a-kind, and sometimes that calls for thinking outside the glass. Our in-house production gives us the flexibility to innovate and experiment, allowing us to come up with custom beverage solutions to meet your needs.

Consulting & Education

There’s more to serving cocktails than knowing how to squeeze a lime. Our experienced consultants teach customers how to mix our solutions, point you to the right equipment, and advise on managing a whole new revenue stream.

Access & Availability

Specialty Blends is currently available in 21 states. Call us to find out which distributor carries Specialty Blends in your area.