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Our products are available in 26 states and counting. We serve the following types of establishments:

Stadiums & Sports Arenas

Concert Venues

Movie Theaters

Convenience Stores

Daiquiri To Go Drive-thrus


What are the benefits?

With Specialty Blends liquor alternatives, mixers, and infusions, you can serve any cocktail with only a wine and beer permit.

It’s cost-effective.

Specialty Blends wine-based liquor alternatives allow you to serve real cocktails without obtaining a mixed beverage permit, saving you the 14% tax.

It’s profitable

If you are operating a business with a wine and beer permit, you can serve just that—wine and beer. Specialty Blends wine-based liquor alternatives allow you to increase your profit by selling mixed drinks.

It’s legal.

Perhaps you are operating a business in a county, precinct, city, or town where only a wine and beer permit is allowed. The legal restriction on a wine and beer permit (BG license in TX) is that the products being served must be primarily fermented and not distilled. The wines must not exceed 20%, 17% or 14% alcohol by volume, depending on your state’s maximum alcohol requirement. Specialty Blends has wine-based products to meet these requirements.

It’s delicious

For daiquiris, hurricanes, piña coladas, margaritas, or any cocktail you can imagine, Specialty Blends provides a wine-based liquor alternative, along with complementary mixers and infusions. Even the most discerning palates are bamboozled by our sophisticated blends.

Launch Your Daiquiri
To-Go Business

Specialty Blends provides training and support for retail vendors who want to create a Daiquiri To-Go business. Whether you are adding daiquiri to-go services to an existing space or starting from scratch, we can guide you through each step of the process. With a low initial investment, you’ll be able to quickly boost profit and revenue.

  • Menu and marketing support
  • Promotional content
  • On-site training
  • Dispensing equipment references
  • Premium beverages